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Sport Forum Hungary 2022

20 October 2022
Puskás Arena Budapest

Sport Forum Hungary 2022 is Hungary’s number one sports conference. The participants are all well known and prominent figures of the domestic sports scene. During various lectures and round-table discussions they will present the market’s current affairs, the international trends as well as the future strategic directions both from professional and macro-environmental point of view.


About the event

The aim of Sport Forum Hungary 2022 is to provide a comprehensive presentation of how the Hungarian and international sports world functions. Our purpose is to introduce the new developments and other innovative opportunities from the perspective of the public and private sector, the business and elite sports sector as well as from the amateur sports perspective. The attending participants will get an insight into different aspects of the Hungarian sports movement – into the processes of sports marketing and management, into the various phases and developement of the Hungarian sports ecosystem, as well as into the current trends of international sports.

Particiants will be introduced to the main topics of the conferece through various round-table discussions, workshops and presentations.

Main topics of Sport Forum Hungary 2022

  • Development of sports infrastructure and facility management
  • World-class sporting events in Hungary
  • Development of various sport sectors / Sports developments
  • Sports ecosystem and sustainability
  • Sports and sponsorship
  • Sports federations, clubs, academies
  • Sports marketing and management
  • Financing systems in sports
  • Higher education in sports
  • Startup ecosystem in Hungarian sports
  • Multisport events and festivals
  • Sports media
  • Risk management in sports
  • Current and future role of recreational sports
  • Career opportunities for athletes and sportsmen

Our vision

Sport Forum Hungary will not be just a one-time event, our aim and vision is to build it into an internationally recognised platform and brand within the following five years. We plan to hold it every year not only as a summit but as an expo which lasts for several days and fully satisfies the needs of the interested.